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Many moons ago, our father, Bill Humphrey, started Parable Design as a way to offer quality jewelry to those in Narcotics Anonymous.  Over the years, he sold jewelry to hundreds of thousands of people like him--seeking a better way to live! He employed and created strategic partnerships with others in recovery.
As children, we traveled with "Mr. Bill" and met so many amazing people who became our extended family.  The business became a "family" business which meant that he often relied on his wife, sponsees, friends and children to make everything run.   
As a company, we have partnered with the World Service Office of Narcotics Anonymous to provide our products at most World Conventions.  Since 1985, our jewelry has been sold at over 1,000 conventions at the area, regional, and world levels--reaching hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers.  
In September 2013, Mr. Bill retired after 28 years of traveling to upwards of 50 conventions a year.  We are dedicated to carrying his legacy of offering quality products at competitive prices.  And no, we will not be singing!
In Loving Service,
Jeff Humphrey (son)
Bridgett Humphrey (daughter)
Jim  (long standing employee)
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